Designer Alphabet – Vampires of Venice


Choosing three letters and a designer create three posters in the style of the designer for each of the letters. The letters I got were D,G and V and the designer was Jonathan Barnbrook. After seeing some of his typography work used on a poster at uni, it reminded me of circular gallifreyan and from this I decided to base my posters around the theme of Doctor Who. These show my final outcomes.

For most of my poster designs I used screen-printing with mono printing and lino printing. I designed my posters in a way so that I would do as much printing as possible and was able to do any screen-printing wither by having the image on the silkscreen or use a hand cut stencil.

I focused mainly on the typography work of Jonathan Barnbrook and looked at some of his work online and in The Barnbrook Bible

Vampires in Venice Poster Development

I watched the episode Vampires in Venice a couple of times for inspiration for the poster design, I chose to do a Venice landscape picture using screenshots from the episode. I came up with two designs; one included the TARDIS in the background. I mono printed the two designs and coloured in bits with coloured pencil and added a quote that is used to describe Venice in the episode.

I cut the stencils and made several prints and chose the best out comes for this poster I used the hand cut stencils I made, due to this I added the typography to the posters in Photoshop.


These are the screencaps from the episode of “Vampires of Venice” episode of Doctor Who, I used these to produce the mono prints for the two versions of the poster.

These two images of Barnbrook artwork are the main inspiration for the Vampires of Venice poster.

The text used in this poster was created fully in Photoshop, using some of the Barnbrook fonts.



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