Final Major Project-Theater Signage

This is some of the design development for my year two final major project for the signage at my local theater. This was the first time I have ever looked at and designed signage so there is definitely room for improvement but I am happy with the end result. The theater has some problems with the signage, mainly associated with how the final signs were executed, an example is the doors have frosted sections with the images for the lifts and the toilets ‘punched through’ and they are below eye level for most which makes them hard to see, the materials use and the final placement. I volunteer at the theater so I know the place well and have to often direct customers due to some of the signage, therefore I have an insight into where the problems are.

The first thing I did was come up with some ideas as to what was needed and possible colours and improvements.

The theater is ‘upside down’ compared to most theaters with the public entering on the Gallery levels on the ground floor. To access the Circle and Stalls levels the customers have to go underground. This can cause problems for some customers, mainly new ones. With this in mind I came up with the idea of assigning each floor a colour, I tried to keep to primary colours for the levels and avoiding green as in Europe this is recognised as the colour for fire exits and evacuation routes. At the moment the floors don’t have this and any accents use the theaters red colour. The building that the theater is in is also the council offices and the library for the town, taking this into account I decided on a bright blue for the Gallery level this colour would stand out in the foyer of the building. The circle level I chose yellow and for Stalls I kept with the red this is to stay within the parameters of using primary colours, but also ensuring the colours can be distinguished easily. Along with the colours I also came up with icons for each level.

The design of the icons for each level is to mimic the layout of the theater seating to give a visual link to the customers. The icons are in the colour for each level and when stacked on top of each other make up the shape of the theater seating.

Along with the main theater there are additional spaces needing signage and these are the icons designed for them.


These are the design ideas for theĀ  walls when exiting the lifts. These are the first things that the customers will see and in the designs it will be used as a navigation tool showing people the way to the toilets and bars. The wall will be the colour for each level with the level icon at the top, the level name and the associating lift level. All the information will be in white.



This is the wall that would be used for the stairs between the levels as a kind of directory for the theater.

These are the miscellaneous things for the rest of the theater. One is the doors most are plain but all look the same so people try and use them to get to the toilets and such. Also there are icons for the lifts and the toilets.

These show the icons for the toilets with men, women and baby changing. The accessible toilets have the standard disabled icon, where as my design proposes to use the newest one designed to look more active and confident.

The decision to use the minimal icons, words and colours for the signage was made to make the signage as accessible as I could.

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