Kettering civic society

Client: Kettering Civic Society

This work was a live project as part of my HND. It involved redesigning the logo, stationery, leaflets and brochures for the Kettering Civic Society.

Logo Redesign

As part of the project, a new logo design was wanted (click the image below to explore the gallery). A logo design that was more up to date and would encourage younger people to get involved and have a link to the original logo that is based on a decorative stone in the town. Based on how the Civic Society produces and distributes their materials I went for a simple design that would withstand multiple photocopying but still accomplishing what the client wanted.

I had two logo base shapes one had a more traditional flower shaped leaves and the second more circular, both with a shield in the centre. I tried with various colours; the current colours of the Civic Society deep red and blue, grey to represent the stone that the design is based on, brighter shades of the blue and red and I experimented with a green colour. For the shield in the centre, I tried a flat colour and a two-tone version to add some depth.

The final logo design went with the brighter blue with a flat grey colour shield.

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Designs for the stationary using the new logo. On the stationary, I removed the text from the logo and added it next to the logo leaving it blank.

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Design for the leaflet, this is used as the newsletter as well as a payment form. To get all the information onto the leaflet that is needed along with the forms, I focused on how the form folds, the part with the payment forms occupies a smaller section compared to the other two sections, this also allows the forms to be removed from the leaflet without the loss of important information.

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Kettering Revisited Brochure

This is the final design for the brochure (click on the cover to explore the pages) The purpose is to give information on some of the town’s historical buildings and monuments as part of a historical walk of the town. I created an indexing system for all the buildings so that it is a bit easier to identify and allows people to look at certain types of buildings that they are interested in.

Heritage Trail Leaflet

This is similar to the brochure but lists all the blue plaques in the town with information on the person and their accomplishments. I went for a similar front cover design but with a different image.