Theater Signage

University Work // Year 2

This is the solutions for my final major project from my second year at university. The problem was to come up with working and effective signage solutions for my local theater, the current problems are the positioning and the execution of the signage, there is also the added problem of the theater starting from the gallery at ground level then the circle and stalls levels being underground.

I came up with an ‘icon’ for each level of the theater. The shapes used reflect the shape of the theater and that level. When stacked one on top of the other they create a blueprint of the theater seating. As well as the icons and assigned a colour to each level of the theater. Blue for galley, Yellow for circle and Red for stalls.

There is a large wall by the stairs to the lower levels and the lifts so I designed a directory for each of the levels with the colours and the lift button reference for each level.

Along with the level icons I also made two for the additional room and mini theater using the colour that relates the the floor that they are on.

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