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University Work // Year 2

This was from a live project from my second year at university. The project was to redesign the branding for the ‘Kettering Civic Society’ with a new logo, business cards, stationary and some leaflets and brochures using the information and images they supplied.

They asked for a more up to date logo based off of the original logo. The original logo is a photo of a stone shield near one of the churches. Using this image I designed a simplified logo using a lighter blue and a light grey to represent the original stone shield. I made the logo as simple as possible and chose the lighter colours as the society tends to photocopy existing documents, with this in mind I tried to design a logo that looked good but would also withstand being photocopied.

I made the stationary designs clean and simple. The information on the leaflets was moved around to allow for a removable form to be on the end so that it can be filled in and removed without the loss of information from the other side of the leaflet.

The brochure is used to document all the historical buildings and their history, it is also used as a guide for the historical walk around the town. I remade a modern day map of Kettering with the route and the places highlighted on the map. I created categories for the different types of buildings such as religious and industrial. I made the addition of an index at the back for all the buildings.

The heritage trail booklet is a simple booklet with the blue plaques in the town and a short history to accompany them. At the back is the map provided by the Kettering Civic Society.

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