Get Kids Making

University Work // Year 3

A national campaign that uses the wasted space on the inside of cereal boxes to encourage children to make things, by making a toy from a cereal box. My idea is to utilise the wasted space inside cereal boxes for a craft project for children. This would be part of a national campaign to encourage children to get making things. The craft projects in the cereal boxes would be an outline that children can decorate how they want. The campaign would be run inside supermarket own brand cereal boxes of the top four supermarkets; Asda, Morrissons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. By using the cereal boxes it means that all the waste and the craft projects can be recycled when finished with.

-An end result that is accessible to as many children as possible
-An end result that is an environmentally friendly as possible
-An end result that allows children to be creative


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