These are the different colour combination for the logo the colours will be random on the boxes depending on the design and type/strength of the coffee inside.

These are the patterns used to decorate the boxes, I made all the patterns in Adobe Illustrator except the watercolour pattern whihc I did and scanned into Photoshop edited and put on to the template.

Taylor’s Coffee

University Work // Year 2


Create a new coffee product innovation for Taylors of Harrogate. We’re looking for revolutionary ideas that can really shake up the coffee category. This should be a drink, preferably hot, and should avoid instant coffee and anything requiring the purchase of an electric machine to make it – i.e Pods/Capsules. Think about trends for this younger audience, where you could see the market going and how it will appeal whilst still fitting in with our brand values.

What could be fashionable or desirable for 16-25 year olds in this space that isn’t currently out there?
It’s worth looking into the progression of coffee, often described as ‘waves’ or ‘generations’ to see how we’ve moved from very basic instant to embracing origin and new taste profiles. For the purposes of this brief, what could the fourth or fifth wave look like for this audience?
I came up with my idea of a type of gift set product for different ways to traditionally make coffee, by supplying you with all the stuff you would need plus some taylors coffee.

I wanted the first set to include the most basic way of making coffee and provide you with everything you need. I went with a very basic box that would easily fit in a cupboard or could be tucked into a corner and store what is needed to make the coffee.
This was my plan for the packaging for the first set. I wanted as much of the packaging to be recyclable as possible so thought that the packaging could be made out of a strong and durable cardboard material.

My idea is called Level Up Coffee it is a series of ten gift sets that focuses around traditional methods of making coffee. Each of the sets would have the equipment needed, instructions and some Taylors Lazy Sunday coffee as this is the lowest strength that Taylors has.
Taking Taylors environmental promises I tried to design the packaging to be as recyclable as possible as well as functional with a strong cardboard being used for the packaging.

To appeal to the target market I designed three patterns for the packaging to give customers options and used the blue and green on the packaging of the lazy sunday coffee packaging I chose a cafetiere and percolater in the green colour-from this I thought that the sets could be offered online and could be customised with higher strength coffee and the colours of the equipment could be brought to match the colours in the different coffee packaging.

The sets could also be expanded into accessories for example coffee syrups where the packaging could act as storage and a display stand.
To get the younger audience into the more traditional methods I thought that it could be turned into an instagram campaign by using #levelupcoffee.

For the logo design, I looked into some of the recent packaging of items and found that the handmade/handwritten theme was quite popular and I thought it would go well with my idea so looked at some handwritten fonts and chose Four Seasons Pro by Guisela Mendoza and Luciano Vergara.

I chose three arrows behind the text and I wanted them to be bright colours. I went for the 4th design with blue and greens- I chose this as it matched the colours of the Lazy Sunday Taylors coffee that would be a part of the gift sets.

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